Kingsley Cancer Research Foundation has been established to make the public who many are cancer victims aware that there are other means of slowing and eliminating the cancer by way of natural medicine.

Natural medicine does not include surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy as these promote the cancer growth once these have been administered.

It is time the people were told the truth, that alternatives do exist and do no harm to the patients immune system. These natural protocols allow the body to do the fighting as nature meant it to do.

We wish to raise funds for this institute to promote, administer and report our findings.

In conjunction with the Kingsley Health Institute, the funding will be put towards research that will prove once and for all that natural ingredients work in conjunction with the body's own immune system to slow, eradicate and kill the cancer.

We have the expertise to bring the results of this research to light. What we need is the money to drive this crucial work. Results will be immediate.

The Research Institute will be established and operational within 6 months.

This time frame depends on how generous you are and how much you would like to support our endeavours.

"This can be done". It just needs the money to prove up what we already know but are not allowed to tell you, because the series of documented tests have not been carried out in the laboratory under the direction of doctors.

All our doctors and researchers believe in integrative medicines and look forward to bringing the truth about nutrient power against cancer to the public at large.

"We need your support". We will be raising funds for this facility. Become a Patron and be part of the future in medicine.

 "Contact Russ Cousins on 0410 780 238 if you would like to discuss your part". Or you can email us.